Race Report Stockton

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The crew managers meeting ran to time and the crew managers were led out and back to their teams by the lion who had arrived to dance and bless the festival.

The first league event of the 2017 season and the day started at 7am with the Powerhouse team finishing off the preparations for the arrival of 17 club

The course had been buoyed on Saturday and weeks and weeks of preparation and planning was about to be tested.

The first races of the day saw the super 12 racing in Junior, ladies and open category.  Our juniors joined up with another crew to make a boat of 20.  It was fantastic to get that many juniors at an event racing together and the result was just as fabulous.

Times :- Powerspartans 1st place with a time of 52:81 (2nd 56:94, 3rd 58:45, 4th 1:05.32)

We had 6 juniors paddling and or drumming and they slotted into the boat with some current GB under 18’s and performed brilliantly.  Comments from the bank said that they couldn’t pick them out as they blended so well.  They must have been really nervous for their first race, regardless of the fact that they got in a strange boat with other juniors they had never met before.  I cannot describe how proud we all are of them

Powerhouse open 12 ran the course in 50:47 with Powersaints coming in third with a time of 57:02 we were pipped by Firestorm who had a rolling start there time was 56:26 beating us by 0.76 grrr.

Onto the standard races.  What a performance, standard boat racing saw us paddling against Premier crews and my goodness did they know we were there.  The final finished with us in 2nd place of the major plate final behind Henley on 2:16.91, Powerhouse 2:17.33, Rage 2:20.00 and 3 Rivers 2:20.50.  We were only 0.42 of a second behind Henley (loud applauds and pats on the back all round)  We came 9th overall out of 17 crews.

What a fantastic day.